15th July 2024

The succesful design duo Hvass&Hannibal has added yet another exciting project to their portfolio. In a collaboration with Biotherm, the talented designers Nan Na Hvass and Sofie Hannibal have created the cool packaging for Biotherm’s next limited edition product series, launched later this year.

Last week, premium Scandinavian beauty editors were invited to celebrate the collaboration (and preview the products). While enjoying a lovely brunch at Martin Asbæk Gallery, the guests learned all about Biotherm’s products and visions along with the beautiful works of Hvass&Hannibal.

The #CharityEdition products will be available come X-mas. Buying Hvass&Hannibal’s beautiful designs, you’ll be supporting Biotherm in the mission to raise awareness for the protection of our oceans. Hopefylly, Biotherm lovers all over the world will be happy to get their hands on the collection.


I sidste uge kunne designduoen Hvass&Hannibal løfte sløret for deres seneste seje projekt. De har nemlig stået for designet af Biotherms næste limited edition-produktserie, der rammer markedet senere på året.

Produkterne, der hedder #CharityEdition – og du støtter Biotherms arbejde med at beskytte verdenshavene, hvis du køber de smukke designerindpakkede cremer. Biotherm og Hvass&Hannibal inviterede til en lækker brunch på Martin Asbæk Gallery for at fejre lanceringen og det smukke samarbejde.