New Study: That Settles It – Blogger PR works Like A Charm!


In an effort to prove to clients that influencers and bloggers can in fact drive sales, TapInfluence and Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS) measured the actual impact of influencer marketing in a large study in September 2015. The findings have just been revealed – and they’re quite astounding: The two organizations have managed to prove that a good influencer marketing strategy can create 11 times more ROI than other forms of traditional advertising!

With WhiteWave Foods’ Silk beverages as the case, Rustin Banks, the co-founder of TapInfluence, and his team were able to prove that an influencer-based tactic lifted incremental sales by 10%.

Rustin Banks says to Marketing Dive:

“Now we have the ‘missing link’ in influencer marketing that we always knew was there – that it can be shown to drive sales at a massively efficient rate compared to other forms of digital marketing.”

In addition to launching the study, TapInfluence and NCS have just unveiled a partnership on a tool to help brands measure the in-store sales impact of their influencer marketing campaigns.

Read more on Marketing Dive – or check out the full release on the TapInfluence blog.

(Photo: Bench Accounting)


En helt ny undersøgelse fra de to amerikanske virksomheder TapInfluence og Nielsen Catalina Solutions viser, at blogger-markedsføring virker! De to virksomheder trackede – i håbet om at overbevise flere om, at bloggermarkedsføring kan skabe resultater – en større influencer-kampagne for proteindrikken WhiteWave Foods Silk. Og nu kan de altså fastslå, at en god influencer-strategi kan indbringe den oprindelige investering ikke mindre end 11 gange. Faktisk kan en bloggerbaseret taktik løfte salget 10 pct., viste undersøgelsen.

Rustin Banks, der er medstifter af TapInfluence er glad for konklusionen, der for ham at se er “the missing link” i bloggermarkedsføring.

“Nu har vi fundet “the missing link”, som vi jo altid har vidst, var der – at influencermarkedsføring kan drive massivt salg sammenlignet med andre typer digital markedsføring,” siger han til Marketing Dive.

Læs pressemeddelelsen på TapInfluences blog. (Og kom SÅ i gang med influencer-markedsføringen!).